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Cisco Interview Experience for Network/Embedded/Applications Developer Intern 2021

  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021

Level: Easy

There were 5 rounds.

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Round 1(Online Test): 60 mins, 17 questions

  • 15 MCQs related to Networking, Aptitude and Computer Science basics.
  • 2 coding questions – Both the questions were of medium level.

Round 2(Technical Interview):

Round 3(Managerial interview): This again started with basic introduction. 

  • Then he gave me sort of a challenge to tell him what’s special about me and why I should be hired in under 3 mins. 
  • Then we moved on to an in-depth conversation over my resume and projects and related topics. 
  • Then he asked me to explain to him all that I know about Networking, then OS, then cloud-based technologies, etc. 
  • My suggestion here is to be thorough with everything in your resume. And at-least read up basic concepts in Networking and Operating Systems.

Round 4(Technical Interview): After giving my basic introduction, the graph project got picked up again. We had a little discussion over it. 

Round 5(HR Interview): After basic introduction and resume discussion, he asked me to describe myself as a person and the qualities I like the most about myself. 

  • After this he asked me if I had any plans for Masters, or like where do I see myself in 3-5 years from now. 
  • I was all asked to answer, “Why Cisco?”, etc. Then there was a discussion over which locations I preferred more for the intern.

Verdict: Hired

The test took place on HackerRank. As for the interviews, a Webex space was created and the HR and recruiters were added to it as well. The meeting took place on Webex itself. I was asked to share my screen and write the code. The interviews started at around 8:30 in the morning. The results were announced the following day.


  • My advice to all the students sitting for intern at Cisco, be thorough with your resume and all the used technologies. Basic knowledge of Networking is a must. 
  • Read the archives well and go through the questions asked previously. 
  • There is a set pattern with Cisco that is followed. 
  • Other than that, don’t worry about completely solving the questions asked in interviews, they are more focussed on the approach and a can-do attitude. 

Good Luck!

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