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Cisco Interview Experience for Experienced

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  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021
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CISCO Java and spring boot  interview experience for 2+ years experience There were total 5 rounds

  1. Hackerrank online coding test
  2. 1st technical round
  3. 2nd technical round
  4. Managerial round
  5. HR discussion (Over phone call)


Role: Java + Angular full stack developer.

Applied from LinkedIn, after that received Hackerrank test link and was required to finish it in the next 48 hours. After completing the online test, HR called and explained about next steps. those are as follows,

There will be 3 rounds, the first round will be the general tech round without your CV. The second round will be a tech round based on your CV. If you perform well in any of these two rounds then you will be sent to 3rd round. The third round will be the tech + managerial round.

Note: All rounds will be on a single day and those will be continuous, giving 10min breaks in between two rounds. My interview started at 11 AM and all three rounds ended at around 1:45 PM (HR discussion was on a different day) all were around 1hr long

Round 1: Hackerrank online coding test

  • 5 coding questions were there, 3 were easy and 2 were medium-level questions. There were 2 hours of the time limit.

Round 2: Technical Round 1

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Given use cases and asked for solution approaches.
  • There is a career portal and there are two types of data, username, experience, etc, and resume as some files.
  • You have to upload a resume in MongoDB and you have to add other data in MYSQL, if any of the ones fails you have to roll back the other data that you inserted. How do you achieve this in spring boot? (He was expecting to use @Transactional annotation)
  • There is a job portal and you have posted 5 new jobs and the job description is available in DB. assume there are 1000 people trying to get a job description, how will you implement to minimize database hits (He was expecting some caching and I answered the same)
  • Write a rest controller class and write one GET endpoint which takes user-id as a query parameter and returns that user details.
  • Add one more feature to the same REST endpoint, that should return user details of that user and if his name is “William” (In this case I took user-id as path parameter and name as a request parameter and achieved the task)
  • What does @RequestMapping annotation do?
  • What happens if we add the below annotations to the same rest controller class?@RestController(“\user”) , @RequestMapping(“\user”)
  • Why spring boot used over spring framework
  • In System.out.println() explain each component
  • Give me an example where you used overloaded methods from a built-in java library (Gave Arrays. sort() as an example)
  • Write a query to get employee details on who has the third-highest salary.

Round 3: Technical Round 2

  • Tell me about projects that you worked on in the past.
  • A similar question was asked in 1st technical round(use case 1)
  • Explain the architecture of any one project that you worked
  • What is an immutable class, how to create an immutable class?
  • What is a deep copy
  • What happens when you do the below thing
s1 = "ABC"
s1 = s1+"xyz"
  • Explained about string immutability  and string pool concept in java
  • Write SQL query for below scenario
  • There are two tables Employee and Department, every employee may or may not have a department. Employee table has departments as the foreign key.
  • Asked to fetch all employees’ details along with their department details. (Left join b/w Employee and Department table)
  • Use case: Assume you have some REST service and it will throw some error message, how will you return the same error message in different languages, ex: Indians should get an error message in English where Japanese get it in Japanese, etc.

I didn’t know about it. So I directly told that since I have not worked on such similar cases I am not aware of it.

Round 4: Managerial Round + Technical Round

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell me your hobby
  • Tell me your weakness and strength
  • Puzzle to measure 4L of water from 3L and 5L jar.
  • Write a query to find the second highest salary from employee table
  • What all test cases do you write for login scenario, where service takes user id and password.
  • Write logic to validate the username and age of an employee. where username should only contain caps or small alphabets, numbers, and space. And age should be more than zero and less than 100. She was expecting to write in javascript but I wrote it in java but she was okay with it.

Round 5: HR discussion

  • Discussed salary compensations and company benefits.

Verdict: Received offer


  • If you are not aware of the answer that is completely fine, just tell them I am not aware of it since I have not worked on anything related to that.
  • Have a smile on your face always and don’t forget to ask your doubt at the end of the interview.

All the best.

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