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Cisco Interview Experience – 3+ Years Experienced

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  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2019
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I was interviewed for Software Engineer 2 position for CISCO Chennai Campus. I totally had 7 rounds and it took 2 weeks for the complete process.

Round 1:

This was an hackerank round. 4 questions were asked to solve in 90 minutes.

  1. First question is a bit based simple question. Forgot the exact question, but it was easy enough to solve in 10 mins.
  2. Second question is to find the middle element(s) of the linked list.
  3. Third question is to find the longest palindromic substring.
  4. Final question is to Find distance between two nodes in a tree.

Round 2: 

Submitted solutions for all the questions in the first round and got selected to second round. All further rounds were conducted in CISCO Chennai campus.

Round 2 – Round 6 were conducted in a single day in CISCO campus.

In round 2, a printed question paper was given with 10 C programmatic questions and asked to solve in 45 mins.

Don’t remember the exact questions asked in this round. But the questions were asked around pointers, unions, structures, find why the program crashes(array out of bound access), find the output(string manipulations), Little and Big Endian etc..,

Round 3:

After round 2 all other rounds were F2F. In round 3 I was asked two datastructure questions.

  1. Find height of the given tree.
  2. Find the output of the given mathematical expression like {(3*4)+(5/6)}. (Stack based approach)

You will be expected to provide an algorithm first and then will be asked to give a full working code.

Round 4-5-6:

From Round 4 onwards it was like managerial+Technical kind of rounds.

I was asked about my previous experiences, achievements, toughest solved problems. All questions were based on my resume. So be prepared with your resume.

I felt all these rounds were tiring and boring, because all questions were similar and repetitive.

Round 7:

After completing 5 rounds in CISCO campus, they told that I will be having one more round with the Director. But he was unavailable that day. So I was asked to have that over WebEX. That round is also is similar to the previous rounds and based on my resume only.


After 4-5 days, I got a call from CISCO saying that I got selected. CISCO provided a good package with benefits.

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