Cisco Interview Experience 2020

Cisco Virtual Interview 2020

Round 1 (1 Hour):

One Coding Question ( Snake and Ladder Problem) : A dfs or bfs can be used to solve this.

MCQs based on OS, C questions( Not output based) , Basic Networking questions

You had to solve partially the coding question and almost all MCQS to be selected for next round. In our college they selected 90 people for the next round.

Round 2 : Face TO Face Interview: 

This round went for about 1 and half hour mostly because I had internet issues. I was asked basic Network Questions:

difference between routers and switch ?

Different OSI Layers and their uses?

Different routing algorithms?

Where Will you use Flooding Routing Algorithm?

Discussion on internship project and other resume projects.?

Coding Question:

Insert An element anywhere in a linked list.

Round 3 : (Face to Face Interview)

Managerial Interview( Total time 60 mins) ( around 45 made it to this round)

Discussion about interview projects about how you formed a team? 

 How did you divide your work among team members ?

How good are you working in a team ?

One Puzzle

If an monkey climbs 10 steps and falls 2 steps every second what is the time taken to climb a tree of 100 steps.

All this took 35 mins.

Then a discussion about their team and what he works on. I also asked him a few questions about what Cisco’s works on and the team I will be joining if I am selected.( This part of the round lasted for 20 mins!!!).

Round 4 (HR Round)(around 30 made it to this round)

Basic Questions about which locations do you prefer?

Did you listen to pre placement talk?

Who are Cisco’s Competitors?

He explained the roles and asked my preference about it.

Result : I was not Selected.

They gave 22 offers including both internship and FTE + internship.

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