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Cisco Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020

Online Round: An online round was conducted on HackerRank and there were 2 coding questions and 15 Multiple Choice Questions and the time limit was 60min. I attempted all 15 MCQs and both the coding question but both the codes were partially run(in the first code only 4 test cases were run and in 2nd question 1 test case was failed).

For coding questions, only C, Java, and Python were allowed.

Round 2 (Technical Round- Face to Face on CISCO Teams): The Technical round started with the introduction first both the interviewers Introduced themselves and after that, I introduced myself.

In my resume 1 automation, 1 android, and 2 Java projects are mentioned. They briefly asked about automation and the android project. They wanted to go in detail for the android project but I told them that I did a very small part in this, so I don’t have that much knowledge about this project but you can ask me about the automation project, but they stopped the discussion about the projects.

After that they asked to do 2 coding questions: 

  1. Armstrong Number
  2. Check whether the loop exists in Linked-List or not.

After that, they asked questions from Computer Networks, DBMS, OS, C, C++, and DSA.

Topics from Computer Networks:

  • OSI Model (In detail)
  • Subnet
  • IP and MAC address
  • Protocols and their port number.

Topics they asked from DBMS-:

  • Keys
  • Connectors (In detail)
  • Normalization(1-2min discussion)

Topics from Operating System-:

  • Deadlock (Intermediate level)
  • Scheduling (how many scheduling algorithms you know)

Topics from C and C++:

  • Pointers (Different types of pointers, memory-related question)
  • How to print your name without using a semi-colon
  • Difference between C and C++
  • 2-3 other question also there

Topics from Data Structure and Algorithms (5-7min discussion):

  • Basic of Tree
  • Linked-List
  • Graph (Very basic)

Tips: If you don’t know the answer just say Sorry I don’t have Idea or Sorry I don’t know. Don’t waste their time. Make sure you know everything on your resumè very well.

Round 3(Managerial Round-Face to Face on CISCO Teams): Start with the introduction and after that, she asked about-:

  • The different positions that I have mentioned in my Resume.
  • Describe one of your article on GeeksforGeeks.
  • Behavioral Question.
  • One thing that you want to see in your Resume after 5 Years.
  • One puzzle.
  • What is your job role?

Tips: Be aware of your hobby and interest.

Final Round(HR round-Face to Face on CISCO Teams): Start with the introduction after that he told me to describe your automation project very briefly(I described within 1min). He told me about the responsibilities, salary, and benefits, I will get if I got selected.

Result: Selected

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