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Cisco Ideathon- CX Interview Experence for Intern + FTE

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2021

Hello fellow Geeks! I’ll be sharing how I got selected as CX intern via Ideathon at Cisco(India).

First of all, consistency is the key. Ideathon is longer than most hiring process (spanning for around 4 months) and thus you need to stay motivated and do your best at each step. Ideathon consists of tests, video submission and interviews in the following order.

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Before briefing about the rounds let’s focus on the most important thing – Registration. You can register for Ideathon through your college. You’ll have to complete one or two course(s) like Python, CCNA: Introduction to networks on Netacad in order to become eligible to take part in the Ideathon. Registration usually happens in the month of August. I completed Python course to become eligible.

Round 1: The first round is the preliminary quiz round in which the basics are tested. We got 55 questions in 30 minutes which covered the Basics of Networking, Linux, C++ and aptitude. It was a online but proctored test. 

Round 2: This was a very interesting round, a video submission round. 

  • We were given 3 topics and we needed to make a video of ourselves giving solution to those problem (you need to choose one out of them) in 90 seconds. 
  • I chose to speak on “How AI can be leveraged to provide better healthcare services”. I researched well, and tried to keep it interesting and also gave examples of existing models.

Round 3: In round 3 we needed to take a competency test. We answered 60 questions in 25 minutes. And there is no right or wrong answer to these question, It’s more like what you would do in a particular situation. 

Round 4: Round 4 was written test round, which was also the last round before interviews. 

  • The test had 25 MCQ questions and 1 coding question in 60 minutes
  • The majority of questions were from Networking domain.
  • Tip- CCNA: ITN can help you throughout this process.

Round 5: Round 5 marks the beginning of the interview rounds. 

  • First is the Technical interview
  • My interviewers made sure I’m comfortable before beginning which I think reflects why Cisco is such a good place to work at. 
  • As I’m from EIE background, the questions asked to me were mostly related to Python and Networking basics. 
  • Some questions being the difference between switch and router, configuration of networking devices(very basic) etc.
  • Suggestion- A good knowledge of the company shows that you’re genuinely interested for the role and the company.

Round 6: As we were selected for customer-facing role, technical round was followed by a Managerial interview round. 

  • The interview felt like a casual conversation. 
  • I was given situation and asked how I would act, any recent event in which I was able to overcome my unfavourable situation and some more questions.

Round 7: The last round was the HR interview round, where I was asked about my future plans, some basic questions about Cisco (like the products and competitors) and lastly I was told about the stipend and CTC if my internship gets converted to PPO.

I still vividly remember the day when the results were declared, I got selected! Journey of Ideathon from August to November was a real roller coaster ride. But I’m glad I made it. 

Do visit their Ideathon page in order to get even a clearer picture. All the best!

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