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Ciena Interview Experience for C++ Developer
  • Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2021

I was interviewed at Ciena Gurgaon. I have 3+ years of experience.

Round 1(1 hr):

  1. Implement your own smart pointer class
  2. Copy Constructor
  3. Assignment operator
  4. Given a linked list modify it such that all the odd elements appear first followed by all even elements reversed.
    Example -> 

    It was similar to this:

Round 2(1 hr):

  1. Given different service providers, their prefixes, and call rates. For a given number, find the service provider whose prefix matches with the number such that the call rate is minimum.
    Service Provider 1 972   .1
    Service Provider 2 9725  .02
    Service Provider 3 97250  .04
    Service Provider 4 97254  .06
    Service Provider 5 972   .02
    Service Provider 6 9721  .02
    Number = “9725434567”

    In this question, the interviewer asked what Data Structure will be used to store this information of the service provider and later asked to find out the minimum call rate for a given number.

  3. Implement your own vector class.

    Hope it helps!! Good luck

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