chfn command in Linux with examples

chfn command in Linux allows you to change a user’s name and other details easily. chfn stands for Change finger. Basically, it is used to modify your finger information on Linux system. This information is generally stored in the file /etc/passwd that includes user’s original name, work phone number etc.


chfn [option] [login] 

Example: In this example we used default “chfn” command without any option. In this system asks from the user itself to change the values of some basic attributes.


  • -f full_name : Let you change the full name on the account.

  • -w work_ph : Let you change the work phone number on the account.

  • -r room_no : Let you change the room number on the account.

  • -h home_ph : Let you change the home phone number on the account.

  • -o other : Let you change any other detail on the account.

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