Chegg Interview Experience | Set 1 (For Internship)

Round 1:My round 1 was not that hard, it was resume based session, it started with my introduction and then i was asked about encapsulation, since my project was android based, so i was asked some questions on my project, then some questions on stacks and queues.The interviewee also asked some questions on RDBMS.Someone with basic knowledge would easily go through that round.Out of 8, 5 people were shortlisted and i was one of the shortlisted people.

Round 2:Round 2 was more varied than the first round, it was around one hour long and a crispy one.The interviewee started with languages i worked on, my projects and then gave a coding question to solve.the question was: There is  a n*n matriz and you have to print elements in spiral order, The solution did not matter that much, but the approach was important, i answered with naive approach first and then with a optimal approach, then i was asked questions on my different projects, sql queries, some concepts of dbms like concurrency, then some OS concepts like deadlock and finally some more questions on my projects.Out of 5 people, i was the only one to go through this round.

Round 3:It was basically HR round and lasted for 15 minutes and it was totally based on what I’ve done until now, what i want to do in future and some family related questions.I was able to get through this round too.

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