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Check if email address valid or not in Python
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2020

Prerequisite: Regex in Python

Given a string, write a Python program to check if the string is a valid email address or not.

An email is a string (a subset of ASCII characters) separated into two parts by @ symbol, a “personal_info” and a domain, that is personal_info@domain.


Output: Valid Email

Output: Valid Email

Output: Invalid Email 

In this program, we are using search() method of re module. so let’s see the description about it. : This method either returns None (if the pattern doesn’t match), or re.MatchObject that contains information about the matching part of the string. This method stops after the first match, so this is best suited for testing a regular expression more than extracting data.

Let’s see the Python program to validate an Email :





# Python program to validate an Email
# import re module
# re module provides support
# for regular expressions
import re
# Make a regular expression
# for validating an Email
regex = '^[a-z0-9]+[\._]?[a-z0-9]+[@]\w+[.]\w{2,3}$'
# for custom mails use: '^[a-z0-9]+[\._]?[a-z0-9]+[@]\w+[.]\w+$'
# Define a function for
# for validating an Email
def check(email): 
    # pass the regular expression
    # and the string in search() method
        print("Valid Email"
        print("Invalid Email"
# Driver Code 
if __name__ == '__main__'
    # Enter the email 
    email = ""
    # calling run function 
    email = ""
    email = ""



Valid Email
Valid Email
Invalid Email

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