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Check if a File is hidden in Java

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 24 Mar, 2018

We can check a file is hidden or not in Java using isHidden() method of File class in Java. This method returns a boolean value – true or false.


public static boolean isHidden(Path path) throws IOException
path – the path to the file to test.
IOException – if an I/O error occurs
SecurityException – In the case of the default provider, 
and a security manager is installed, the checkRead method
is invoked to check read access to the file.
true: if file is hidden 
false: if file is not hidden

The precise definition of hidden is platform or provider dependent.
UNIX: A file is hidden if its name begins with a period character (‘.’).
Windows: A file is hidden if it is not a directory and the DOS hidden attribute is set.

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Depending on the implementation the isHidden() method may require to access the file system to determine if the file is considered hidden.

// Java program to check if the given 
// file is hidden or not
public class HiddenFileCheck
  public static void main(String[] args)
         throws IOException, SecurityException
    // Provide the complete file path here
    File file = new File("c:/myfile.txt");
    if (file.isHidden())
      System.out.println("The specified file is hidden");
      System.out.println("The specified file is not hidden");

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