Characteristics of a good Software Engineer

The attributes that smart package engineers ought to posses are as follows:

  • Exposure to systematic techniques, i.e., familiarity with package engineering principles.
  • Smart technical data of the project areas (Domain knowledge).
  • Smart programming talents.
  • Smart communication skills. These skills comprise of oral, written, and interpersonal skills.
  • High motivation.
  • Sound data of fundamentals of applied science.
  • Intelligence.
  • Ability to figure in a very team.
  • Discipline, etc.

Studies show that these attributes vary the maximum amount as 1:30 for poor and bright candidates. associate degree experiment conducted by Sackman [1968] shows that the quantitative relation of secret writing hours for the worst to the simplest programmers is 25:1, and also the quantitative relation of debugging hours is 28:1. Also, the power of a computer user to attain the planning of the package from a haul description varies greatly with relation to the parameters of quality and time.

Technical data within the space of the project (domain knowledge) is a vital issue decisive the productivity of a private for a selected project, and also the quality of the merchandise that he develops. A software engineer having intensive data of info application (e.g. MIS) could end up to be a poor electronic communication engineer. Lack of familiarity with the applying areas may end up in low productivity and poor quality of the merchandise.

Since package development may be a cluster activity, it’s very important for a computer user to possess 3 main types of communication skills: Oral, Written, and social. A computer user not solely must effectively communicate along with his teammates (e.g. reviews, walkthroughs, and alternative team communications) however might also need to communicate with the client to assemble product necessities. Poor social skills hamper these very important activities and sometimes show up as the poor quality of the merchandise and low productivity. package engineers also are needed sometimes to form displays to the managers and to the shoppers. this needs a special reasonably communication ability (oral communication skill). A computer user is additionally expected to document his work (design, code, test, etc.) still as writing the users’ manual, coaching manual, installation manual, maintenance manual, etc. this needs smartly written language ability.

The motivation level of package engineers is another crucial issue contributive to his work quality and productivity. albeit no systematic studies are according during this regard, it’s usually united that even bright engineers could end up to be poor performers once they have lack motivation. a mean engineer UN agency will work with one mind track will surmount alternative engineers, higher incentives and higher operating conditions have solely restricted have an effect on their motivation levels. Motivation is to a good extent determined by personal traits, family and social backgrounds, etc.

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