Challenges of Software Developers

Before going into details of “What are the challenges faced by Software developers ? “.
Let’s first know what is this Software Development ? and Who are the Software Developers ?

Software Development :
Software Development is the collective process of some computer science activities dedicated to the process of developing software applications. Software Development process proceeds according to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In simple Software Development is the process of building software applications or software product.

Examples of Software Development –

Software Developer :
The Creative minds who are behind this software development or those people who are involved in complete software development process and finally brings amazing software applications/products, they are the Software Developers. In simple we can say the person who develops the computer software is called Software Developer.

Different types of software developers –

  • Web Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Desktop Developer
  • Graphics Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Embedded Developer
  • Security Developer
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps developer

After getting some ideas about Software Development and Software Developers. Now let’s move a little bit deep to analyze some common challenges faced by Software developers.

Challenges of Software Developers :
Here is the list of some top challenges every Software Product Developer faces –

  1. Changing Requirements during the development process brings challenges for the software developers. Sometimes they won’t be able to deal with changing requirements.
  2. Providing complete Security to the software applications is a major challenge for developers as hackers are trying each moment there to hack the software applications and to steal the data.
  3. Some times Misinterpreted requirements gives rise to a problem as a result the software product fails gives the actual result to the end users.
  4. Many times software developers face problem during System and Application integration leading to failure of software projects also.
  5. Further Maintenance and Upgradation becomes a problem for software developers for some software projects.
  6. Adapting latest Technology becomes a big challenge for the software developers when they don’t have sufficient experience on latest market trends.
  7. Sometimes when the developers don’t get appropriate Project infrastructure for development and deployment of project they face problem in delivering the product.
  8. Getting Defects or Errors in the product during its last stage creates an unwanted challenge for the software developers.
  9. Time limitations plays a vital role in software development. When there is no sufficient time for the development some times the product don’t meet the quality standards as the developers works under pressure and output decreases.
  10. When a new developer lacks proper Communication and Coordination with the other developers of the same development team it creates a problem at some point.
  11. It feels like a common problem when one developer Works with another developer’s code This situation creates a problem for the developer as it takes lot time of the new developer to understand the code.
  12. In last most of the software developers face this problem if they Don’t get required support from Project Manger/Leader and sometimes it gets difficult to handle the relation between colleagues and managers which in terms decrease the productivity.

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