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Challenges in Manual Testing | Software Testing

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Manual testing is a type of software testing technique that is used to document tests, produce test guides based on data queries, provide temporary structures to help run tests, and measure the results of the tests. Manual testing is considered to be costly and time-consuming. In manual testing, a tester carries out tests on the software by following a set of predefined test cases. In this testing, testers make test cases for the codes and test the software and give the final report about that software.

There are various challenges or problems with manual testing and some of them are listed below :

  1. Not Reliable –
    This testing is not reliable as there is no standard or criteria available to check out that whether the actual and expected results have been compared. In this testing, we are dependent upon the words of software testers.
  2. Understanding the client’s requirements –
    In software testing the software testers nice needs to make sure that the software application act in accordance with the particular needs of the client therefore they need to be familiar with the necessity of the customer very clearly at the same time it is also significant for these to talk the client needs only to the developers in a clear and unambiguous way a before starting the process the testers must pay full attention to the clients need so that they can understand their requirements very clearly.
  3. Higher chance of Risk –
    In manual testing, there is a higher chance of risk involved of oversight and mistakes. In the testing process, testers may get tired, may not be very attentive as they have too many tasks to be done. Therefore, there will be unexpected errors or mistakes that can happen in entering data, in setting parameters, in execution, and in comparisons.
  4. Time-Consuming –
    Limited test resources make manual testing simply too time-consuming. As per a study done, 90% of all IT projects are delivered late due to manual testing.
  5. Fact and Fiction –
    Here fiction means manual testing is done whereas fact means only some manual testing is conducted that depends on the feasibility.
  6. Selecting the right Testers –
    The technical skills and experiences of individual professionals may vary why manual testing needs great communication, analytical and technical skills. It become essential for the business to deploy the right testis to test their software.  the testing team must build an efficient team so that they can Concentrate on their expertise and skills.
  7. Meeting the deadline –
    When testing a software program manually, the testers are required to perform various types of tests without any tools and at the same time they need to prioritize the software test instances and decide which ones are to be tested first and this leads to the putting the first test execute execution. The time in testing the software is one of the main things in software development and in the IT industry, Unlike the developers and testers, are also required to perform all tests within a stipulated time frame one day cannot execute all the test cases so they are mostly given attention to doing the task that is important.
  8. Incomplete Coverage –
    Testing is quite complex when we have a mix of multiple platforms, OS servers, clients, channels, business processes, etc. Full manual regression testing is impossible.
  9. When to stop testing –
    While performing testing, stopping it may be a very difficult decision as it needs the core judgement of all the testing processes and their significance.
  10. Testing without a tool –
    The use of test automation tools both effectuate and speed the software testing process in spite of being required to complete the project within a predefined time frame. The manual testers are generally not allowed to use test scripts and due to this, they find it more difficult to test without any equipment or any program.
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Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2021
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