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Challenges Faced By IoT in Agricultural Sector

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By adopting IoT in the agricultural sector we get numerous benefits, but still, there are challenges faced by IoT in agricultural sectors. The biggest challenges faced by IoT in the agricultural sector are lack of information, high adoption costs, and security concerns, etc. Most of the farmers are not aware of the implementation of IoT in agriculture. Major problem is that some of them are opposed to new ideas and they do not want to adopt even if it provides numerous benefits. The best thing that can be done to raise awareness of IoT’s impact is to demonstrate farmers the use of IoT devices like drones, sensors and other technologies and they could provide them ease at work and accompanied by real-world examples.

Challenges Faced by Farmers in adopting IoT for Agriculture

1. Lack of Infrastructure: Even if the farmers adopt IoT technology they won’t be able to take benefit of this technology due to poor communication infrastructure. Farms are located in remote areas and are far from access to the internet. A farmer needs to have access to crop data reliably at any time from any location, so connection issues would cause an advanced monitoring system to be useless.

2. High Cost: Equipment needed to implement IoT in agriculture is expensive. However sensors are the least expensive component, yet outfitting all of the farmers’ fields to be with them would cost more than a thousand dollars. Automated machinery cost more than manually operated machinery as they include cost for farm management software and cloud access to record data. To earn higher profits, it is significant for farmers to invest in these technologies however it would be difficult for them to make the initial investment to set up IoT technology at their farms.

3. Lack of Security: Since IoT devices interact with older equipment they have access to the internet connection, there is no guarantee that they would be able to access drone mapping data or sensor readouts by taking benefit of public connection. An enormous amount of data is collected by IoT agricultural systems which is difficult to protect. Someone can have unauthorized access IoT providers database and could steal and manipulate the data.

Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2019
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