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Chalk Studio Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2014

Hi, chalk studio recently visited my campus. Here is my interview experience.

Round 1: MCQ-31 questions-31 mins
It was a mcq round and test was conducted on

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11 questions from web design

And 20 questions from algorithms,data structure ,oops,dbms and os.

The best part was we can view our performance after taking the test.

A correct answer carries 1 mark and wrong answer has a penalty of 0.25 marks.

36 people were shortlisted.

Round 2:Coding – 45 mins
There were 5 questions. Most of them solved only one including me,top 18 who showed output in chronogical order were shortlisted for third round. For a question, a person can show output 3 times maximum.

1. Find remainder when a number is divided by another number without using modulus operator.

2. Print decimal digits of pi upto 100 digits,10 per line

3. A cipher was given. We have to write a code to decrypt the cipher alone( no other inputs).

Forgot other two questions.

Round 3: Design and NP Complete – 1 hr

Design a front end for mobile mcq test site. We can use html, css,photoshop, paint etc to design

A tetris game implementation for 9*10 matrix.
– I don’t know about tetris but the interviewer allowed us to google, unfortunately net connection was down at the time. So based on the example given, I figured a algo. And finally he asked all of us to implement it for a 3*3 matrix.

– The saddest part of this round was first we started with design ques and when interviewer says switch we have to switch to next question. He said switch in interval of 5-7 mins and we switched between questions for every 5-7 mins.

Finally 7 people were shortlisted from this round,and 2 people were hired.

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