CGI Interview Experience (On Campus for Associate Software Engineer)

Round 1:

This was online round held on amcat. There were 5 sections (Logical, English, Business Analysis, Coding, Computer Science) with sectional time limit for all sections. Time provided was enough.

The questions of logical sections were easy.

In English sentence making, paragraph based questions and word meaning, it was easy.

The business analysis was based on analysis from given histograms.

Coding was very easy with basic question of pattern printing and the other one was based on prime numbers (45mins for 2 ques – can be done in under 10 mins).

In Computer Science sections questions were from OS DBMS CN.

(Note: Be relaxed while giving the test) I came first in the Online round.

Round 2:

This was tech-managerial round.

He asked about my projects in detail and discussed “how blockchain can revolutionize the healthcare industry”. While having a conversation we came to this topic. It was a normal discussion kind of round.

Round 3:

Few basic SQL queries were asked.

How would you use technology in any of the small factories visited?

Round 4 (HR):

Was asked to give a presentation on “Emerging Technologies” 6-7 slides. The presentation was 1-1. and many counter questions were asked. And “Why CGI?”.

Amcat provided a comprehensive report of candidates to CGI so they didn’t ask any OS DBMS or Coding questions as they knew our strength and weakness.

12 were selected. 4 were rejected in HR round.

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