CGI Interview Experience – ECE

Round 1:
The online test had 5 sections, for which you should keep yourself updated with the myamcat through Aspiring minds aptitude pattern, rules and regulations. The order of sections and questions was strictly sequential i.e. you cannot skip questions and sections without submitting the previous one. There was no negative marking though, per say.

The 5 sections were Quantitative Aptitude(16 questions), Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension(22 questions), Business Analytics(8 questions), Coding means Automata (2 coding questions), Computer Science(26 questions) respectively. *

Quantitative questions were easy, we had 60 seconds per questions. You might end up saving time in this section.

Verbal ability was moderately tough you can crack easily if you are good at Aptitude coming to Automata you need some presence of mind with clear knowledge on coding in any language. I done my coding section with C Language.

Provided 45 minutes for Coding Section.

1.Problem: Given a positive integer ranging from 0 to 999999999, find the occurrence of a given digit in that number.

The input to the function shall consist of two positive integers, say num1 and num2, such that 0<= num1<=9 and same for num2.

Solution :

int findDigitOccurrence (int num1, int num2)
   int count = 0;
   scanf ("%d %d", "Enter What ever you want"\n );
   while (num2 > 0)
      if (num2/10 == num1)
      Num2= Num2/10;

Finally, Program executed successfully.

2. You are given an Initial value and the dimensions of increment matrix and multiply the given matrix with its transpose and return the resulting matrix.

The input of the function transposeMultmatrix shall consists of the initial values and dimensions of the increment matrix and function returns a 2D matrix pointer allocated dynamically for multiplication matrix.

Given, Test Cases

Test case1:


3, 4, 2

Expected Return Value:

[[25, 39, 53, 67], [39, 61, 83, 105], [53, 83, 113, 143], [67, 105, 143, 181]]

Solution: Done with malloc() and using pointers. Firstly, I transposed the matrix and multiplied. That’s it.

Got interview call letter on March 21, 2019.

Round 2: Group Discussion:

I reached my interview location by 8:30 AM and obviously huge crowd around me. After completing some formalities started with Group Discussion on “Agriculture Role India”. I take my chance and just nailed it like anything with high pitch. After that everyone agreed with my points.Yes, I got shortlisted for Next process of selection which means Technical and HR round

Round 3: Technical and HR Round:

Entered to the hell and submitted my resume to interviewer. He just takes his time to study my resume.

He: There is no JAVA in your resume Right ?

Me: Yes sir, Know basics of Java But I am not that much capable of keeping Java in my resume sir just started learning.

He:Okay, Then Tell me about Data strutures and why they use ?


He:Write a program on Fibonacci series and pallindromes ?


He:What is inheritance and write program using it ?

Me: Answered.

He: Explain about your project oh seems you are from ECE Right ?

Me: Yes, Sir and Explained it for 10 minutes.

He: Given some values to find voltage in the circuit ?

Me: Answered.

He: Explain about Kirchoff laws ?

Me: Answered.

He:What You know about CGI ?

Me:Answered and he impressed a lot.

He: You know this much about CGI ? That’s Great !

Me:Thank you sir.

Done with HR round and Got selected. Thanks for your time.

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