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CGI Interview Experience | (Campus placement)

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Round 1: It was an aptitude round conducted by AMCAT. The round consists of 4 modules. Each question having only one correct answer.Going back to the previous question was not allowed once the answer is locked and submitted.There was no negative marking and each section is having cut off,  without clearing each section cut off one cannot reach to further round.

Module I: It includes quant questions based on work and time, Pendulum problems, basic mathematics such as factorials, factors, exponential sums. The module comprises of   30 questions and time allocated 25 minutes. The quant questions are of the basic level.

Module II: It was a verbal section consisting of synonyms antonyms and comprehension. Based on case study few questions to be answered. It consists of 25 Questions and 15 minutes allocated for the same.

Module III: It was a basic coding round of 45 min with 2 Question.
Q1. For a given array to print out the output using frequency sort.
Q2. Complete two of the method in Merge Sort.

Module IV: It was data Interpretation round with statistical data and values. Based on given data and graphs question were asked.

Round 2: Technical Round. There was basically two Technical Round.(85 students were selected from the 1st round )

Technical Round 1:  As i  entered for the interview in the room the interviewer was sitting with his lappy. It was one on one. He was very professional. He was having a copy of my resume in his hand. All the technical stuff were asked from the resume itself. It started with a greet
I: How is your day?
Me: Fine Sir. M really excited and little nervous.
I: (smiles)Don’t worry. M here to talk to you.
(He took 5 min to have a glance at my CV ) meanwhile, i forwarded my portfolio towards him.
I: What is Object class?
I: Tell me something about Collection
I:  What is stack?
I:  What is Queue?
I:  Can you give me an example where we can replace stack and use another data structure for the same purpose?
(Handing me With pen and paper )
I: Show me how you can use two Queue for fulfilling the purpose of the stack.
(As being a programmer we don’t write code in the paper, so it was obvious that my codes written were very unorganized.The interviewer was unhappy with that)
I did my internship from Cdac Banglore on the software development for synchronizing the Redundant MTU systems
I: Tell me about your internship
I: Impressive. (That moment felling was Great 😀 )
I: Do you know tree traversal?
I: Write code
(I wrote the function using recursive)
I: is there any problem in recursive? Explain me.
I: write again using loops.
I: Teach me about Dijkstra Algorithm.
I: write code (not pseudo)
I: Do you know about Multithreading?
I: Write a program that prints number from 1 – N systematically. Use one thread for odd and another for even number.
I: What is a deadlock in threading?
He was very much impressed. This interview continued for about 1 and a half hour. I wrote 6 – 7 page of code in the paper.He immediately took me to another interviewer by himself.
Technical Round 2: He assumed that I belong from CSE background. There he first asked me to print a pattern. It was really easy. Inbetween the time the power got cut off he took out his cell and turned on his torch and said don’t break your flow while writing codes. I showed him and explained the complete flow.
I: So, do you participate in the online coding competition.
I: Tell me about Trie.
I: What is Grub in Linux?
I: what does /proc file is for?
I: while custom installation of Linux how much space is generally dedicated for swap?
I: What is swap?
I: write a Linux command to set the one-time password?
(Meanwhile, he looked into my Cv and asked are u not from CSE ? )
Me: M from ECE
(He was very impressed and smiled)
I : Ok. Tell me about the capacitor ?
(From basic parallel capacitor to its derivation i derived him and show the working principle)
I: Give me a real-life example where the capacitor is used?
I: Nice to meet u  :D(with a huge smile on the face)Meet u again after a year
that was the moment i knew i was selected

Round 3:

HR Round : It was a formality and basic talk to know about my behavior personality and few questions related to the family such as the occupation of my father? members at home etc.
He asked me why  CGI ?(Before the interview they have presented a presentation I picked valuable points from there )
I: what would u feel if you are selected for the job?
Me: I would be going to become a member part and shareholder at this gigantic company, not employee or worker(CGI treats every person related to the company as a member ( reference to pre-placement talk))

PS: It was completely a 2-day placement drive conducted in our college and has offer jobs to16 students.

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Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2018
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