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CGI Interview Experience (August, 2018)

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Round 1: Online Test

The online test had 5 sections, for which you should keep yourself updated with the myamcat aptitude pattern, rules and regulations. The order of sections and questions was strictly sequential i.e. you cannot skip questions and sections without submitting the previous one. There was no negative marking though, per say.

The 5 sections were Quantitative Aptitude(16 questions), Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension(22 questions), Business Analytics(8 questions), Coding (2 coding questions), Computer Science(26 questions) respectively. *

Quant questions were easy, we had 60 seconds per questions. You might end up saving time in this section.

Verbal ability was moderately tough. Only prior at-home practice can save you from this section.

Business Analytics was a nightmare. Google it!

Coding questions were a cake-walk.  Do some pattern printing and bitwise operation codes beforehand.

Computer Science questions were from DBMS, OS and Computer Networks only. Look up the syllabus here myamcat.

* The number of questions is an approximate recollection of the interviewee.

Round 2: Technical/Techno-Managerial

Que: Given an array of integers ‘A[]’ of size ‘n’ and an input integer ‘NUM’ you have to output from the array A[],   two numbers (a, b) such that a*b = NUM, the time complexity of entire operation being O(n). (Hint: Use a hash table.)

I was shown my coding section results from the online test and the interviewer asked me to optimize it and make the code more readable.

Random puzzles were also being asked in this round, which was unfair to some people. I recommend the puzzles section on geeksforgeeks. SQL Query is also relevant for this round.

The main focus was projects and internships from your resume. Know your resume!

Round 3: HR

We were also asked to make 2 selfie videos of 1 minute each, namely ‘Introduction’ and ‘My Role Model’. I personally recommend making these videos, it somehow boosted my confidence before the interviews.

In addition, we were asked to make a 5-min presentation on any one of the Emerging Technologies on the day of the interview, during the 2nd round. The topics provided by the HR’s were DevOps, Blockchain, RPA, IoT Augmented Reality, Machine Learning. However, there was no hard bound on the names for presentation topics.

You only have to show the willingness to work for CGI.

All the best guys!

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Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2018
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