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CGI Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2021
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The interview process includes 3 rounds. The technical skills include Java 8, Spring boot, Hibernate, and Microservices.

Round 1: This round took 45 minutes

  1. Coding question on string reversal without using built-in operations.
  2. Technical questions on java8 concepts steam, lambda Expressions, Default methods, and Optional. 
  3. Technical questions on Spring boot and Microservices.
  4. A brief explanation of the project architecture.

Round 2:This round took 45 minutes

  1. Technical questions on Java and Spring boot.
  2. Implement a Rest API by taking the example of the covid situation. 

Round 3:This round took 15 minutes

  1. Interaction with Domain lead about the project architecture. 
  2. I have been selected for the interview. It is an intermediate-level interview.

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