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Cerner Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 20 May, 2021
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Hello. Cerner had recently come to my campus for recruitment this year (2020)  around September. As this was during the time of the pandemic, everything was held virtually. All the tests were proctored through our webcam and microphone along with enabling full screen in our browser for the test window. The site had provisions to record videos for necessary questions.

Role : Software Engineer

Round 1 : Aptitude Test

This round mainly focused on solving aptitiude as well as basic english verbals. Topics from aptitude included Work and Energy, Distances and Speed, Boats and Streams, Cisterns and a few questions on logical analysis like pattern finding, blood relations etc. Basic english verbal skill that were tested included fill in the blanks, synonyms etc. Around 50 TO 60 questions were asked and an hour was provided. The cutt of required 70 percent of the questions to be answered correctly but wasn’t specified by the company. I am judging by the previous years criteria. 

Status : Cleared

Round 2 : Coding Round

This round was mainly a coding round which included a few HR questions. There were two HR questions where we were provided with one minute to read the questions and had to voice our answer which was recorded and sent to the company. The main questions asked were 

1. Describe an experience where you had faced a difficulty.

2. How did you overcome that difficulty you had mentioned earlier ?

The coding round involved two questions : 

1. Given a sentence, print the sentence with the same order of words except with each word in the sentence reversed. Eg : ” coding is easy” is the input and the output must be “gnidoc si ysae”. 

2. Given a number, check whether it is a palindrome or not. If it is not, reverse the number and add it to the number. This process must be repeated till the number becomes a palindrome. Then print the palindrome number and the number of times the above process had to be repeated. 

Here, before attempting the question, we were asked to provide them with our approach through a recorded video. Then, we had to code the question with all testcases being satisfied. After that, we had to record another video stating if we made changes to our approach and whether we were able to solve the question.

Status : Cleared

Round 3 : Interview

This was a single interview where HR, managerial and technical question were asked. This round was conducted through Microsoft Teams. Initially, I faced issues with my mic despite testing it half an hour before the interview. I could hear them clearly,  but they couldn’t hear me. The issue was fixed and they were really understanding and didn’t make a big deal out of it. The interviewer was a cool and chill person and he created a calm atmosphere which made the interview much easier. 

I was asked to introduce myself and I did. Turns out that we had a mutual love for football. We discussed about this for a few minutes where he asked me a few HR questions taking the above discussion into context. Further questions asked were : 

1. Why are you a good fit for Cerner ? 

2. As one of my main areas of interest was cybersecurity, he asked me about my thoughts on the requirement for cybersecurity in the world. 

3. Give a brief explanation on ransomware and how it has affected the world. 

4. A question on java : In System.out.println(“Something”); , what is System, what is out and what is println ? 

5. Explain one of your projects.

6. As I practise python frequently, he asked me to explain a problem that I solved using python. I had to explain the approach, the functions I created and used.

7. How is cybersecurity a requirement for the healthcare industry ? 

Status : Cleared

Round 4 : English Speaking Round

This round was conducted on the versant platform. Basic skills like 

1. Our ability to speak ( I was played  a sentence and was asked to repeat it )

2. Our ability to recollect ( Was played a conversation and asked to answer a question based on it )

3. Fill in the blanks with words appropriate to the context of the sentence.

4. Recollection ability

Status : Cleared 

Final Result : Selected

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