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Centre for Railway Information Systems(CRIS) Interview Experience for Internship | On-Campus 2020

  • Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021

Round 1: First there was an online MCQ based test. There are 4 sections (Java, Python, Cloud Computing, and Android Development). There are 20 medium-level Questions on Java, 20 medium-level Questions on Python, 10 medium-level Questions on Cloud Computing, and 10 medium-level Questions on android. The time for the test is 90 minutes. I only manage to solve problems of Java, Python, and Cloud Computing.

Round 2: Then there was an interview on Google meet. The interviewer asked me questions on OOPS, OS, DBMS, and Python. I answered all of them, and then he asked me about my projects, and he asked me to share my screen and explain the code of my project. The interviewer was very friendly and everything goes fine and then the interviewer asked me whether I can join on a particular date or not and I replied with “Yes”.

 After a week, I received a mail with the offer letter attached to it.

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