Celigo Interview Experience | On-Campus (Full time)

Celigo visited our campus for hiring for full-time SDE roles.

First Round Online Test: There were 25 MCQ based questions and 2 coding questions. Coding questions were just cakewalk level. I executed both the questions and passed all test cases fully. In MCQ type questions most of the questions were what will be the output of this program. (pointer-based and apti)
A total of 16 students were shortlisted among 70-80 students for the second round.

Second Round (Pen paper-based): Tell me about yourself. About the Internship project. Basically he asked me about my all project one by one. Because Celigo is a SaaS-based company so He asked about my SaaS project more. After this, he asked me one question of maximum-sum-path-across-two-arrays I took 15 min and told my approach and then he told me to write the code and optimize it.
The second question was program-generate-possible-valid-ip-addresses-given-string/. After this, he told me to wait for 10min for feedback. After 30min I was called for the next round. The second round lasted for 1 hour.

Third Round (Pen Paper-based): He introduced himself and told me to introduce myself. He asked about trapping-rain-water/ problem and was not satisfied with my approach but still, somehow I managed it. Then He asked about my future goals and academics and projects. A total of 8 students called for the third round and 3 were shortlisted for final HR+another technical round. The third round lasted for 1hour 10min.

HR Round: There were two people HR and one senior manager. HR told me to introduce myself. The senior manager asked me if I am comfortable with the trees. Then he gave me a code to tell the output. It was kind of traversal of a binary tree according to given conditions(if-else) and recursion.
The HR asked me about my last internship experience, about the culture and other internship related questions. Any idea for higher education? and Why is your CGPA is so less? Any subject which you don’t like? What are your expectations with our company? This round lasted for 40min.

The results were announced. I was rejected in the final HR round. Only one student was selected. I think I made the mistake where I was justifying my projects over CGPA.

Hope for the best.

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