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Celigo Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021

Celigo came to our campus in mid-August 2021 for SDE profile. They were offering 6 months Internship (from Jan 22 -June 22) with Full Time Emp. thereafter.

There were 4 rounds namely:

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  • 1 Online Coding test
  • 2 technical interviews and
  • 1 HR interview round. About 140 candidates applied .

All branches’ students were eligible for appearing in coding test(except metallurgy.)

Round 1: Coding test

The test was conducted on the Hackerrank platform on 2nd Sept. It consisted 22 MCQ + 3 coding questions.

  • The MCQ consisted of questions related to binary trees traversal.
  • Debugging, analytics, basics of precedence and associativity, MACROS pointers, data structures, etc. coding questions were based on Inversion count in an array, Job scheduling problem
  • Finding a pair of points with minimum distance. The time allotted was 120 minutes.
  • Those who cleared all these questions correctly were invited for technical interviews (about 20 students).I think that I scored almost 100% on the coding test.

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • It started with a basic introduction. The interviewer was very polite and friendly. Asked about the project I did during the summer internship.
  • Tried to answer all questions.After 15 minutes of project discussion, we moved to DSA. The interviewer gave me 2 questions: a) searching an element in a rotated sorted array(using binary search), b)given a value of n, print all valid parenthesis strings of brackets(). Although I tried my best, he was not so satisfied.
  • (He liked the approach but found code confusing). This round went about 90-95 minutes long. After 30 minutes I received a link for the third round( second technical interview).Big relief 🙂 Only 10 students were selected further.

Round 3: Technical Interview:

  • Again I found the interviewer was very polite and supportive. She provided guidelines to proceed during the whole discussion. Asked to introduce myself. Long story short,she asked three questions:
  • Count pair of numbers whose sum is equal to a given target(all corner cases, edge cases had to be handled and taken by you yourself)
  • improved same question to three sums equal to target (all cases of negative, positive, similar, dissimilar elements)
  • A variant of maximum overlapping intervals(greedy approach using Line sweep).
  • discussed a game and asked to implement it (I guess system design).
  • The maximum allotted time was about 90 minutes, but it went like something 125-130 minutes. Additionally, 10 minutes when I asked questions about their role in Company and atmosphere. 6 students moved to the HR round.

Round 4: HR round

  • It happened about 1-2 hours after the second technical round. Went about 10 minutes long. Good and smooth.
  • Questions were the same as you expect in any HR round.
  • Finally, 3 students were offered the role. Thankfully I am one of them.


  • Keypoints for an interview: Be clear about what to say and make sure your interviewer is listening to you and understanding your approach to solving problems.
  • Speak what you write: it makes an impact…Be with the pace of the interviewer. Always read the company details and Job description thoroughly before interviews.

All the best for your interview by the way

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