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  • Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2022
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Technology is growing rapidly in today’s running world. Technologies are being replaced by much faster and more efficient ones. In all these running processes cybercrime is very common and effective where one can lose information, data, and funds to a malicious person. In the dawn of the technologically advanced world, organizations faces challenges and vulnerability’s so there is a responsibility for efficiency. For these reasons, ethical hacking is used by several organizations. Where hackers play an efficient role in searching out system holes. 

There are so many entails that require training using all sorts of codes and materials which are malicious hackers use. It’s a specific reason for which certification courses CEH and CPT are developed. CPT stands for Certified Penetration Tester and CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker


There are a lot of differences between these two even though they seem somewhat similar. They are often offered together for more effectiveness however in discovering the unseen problems by a professional hacking system. There are many controversies about whether ethical hacking is beneficial or not. But in the IT field, the skills of cyber hacking are essential to catch cyber criminals and set up a defense against security threats. 

Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH offers base knowledge on how one can break onto a system fully with the help of loopholes that hackers generally use. During the process, the participants make sure that they are aware of the breach. This certification demands a minimum experience of two years which must include hacking and qualification examination with at most 70% marks. After going through these processes one can begin work as a professional ethical hacker.

Certified Penetration Tester involves rooting out vulnerabilities from a software computer system. Penetration testing is all about penetrating into the system via using various means that hackers generally test in. It is always done on the security system on a regular basis which determines the safety of the system. Certification generally requires a passed test as well as the report of the passing of a practical exam which approves that the particular one can hack the virtual system. These courses can be taken during university or online.

Following is a table of differences between CEH and CPT:


Certified Penetration Tester

 Certified Ethical Hacker

1.Certified Penetration Tester in short known as CPT. Certified Ethical Hacker iswithIt’s short known as CEH.
2.It mainly focuses on certified testing of penetrating vulnerabilities in a system. Whereas, it works on the entire system which includes individuality connected to the server and vulnerabilities they face.
3.CPT has several levels which can be cracked by the help of previous experience. Its more challenging in terms of its practices so intensively including vulnerabilities. 
4.It is good if a person wants to have proper certifications and further go ahead with that knowledge.Whereas, CEH is beginner friendly and comes with a good career opportunity.
5.Here there is no mandatory requirement to be expert knowledge in report writing.While it comes with foolproof report writing skills.

Today, everyone is on the internet for various reasons. So cybercrime and cyberbullies are commonly faced things. So, whichever course one picks he or she should be able to get a proper quality informative knowledge of software systems and servers and learn the best ways to avoid threats, vulnerability, and malicious hackers. This knowledge is useful and protects users from harm of internet. Finally, when it comes to better courses, any particular can steal the vote.

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