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CDI Full Form

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  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2020
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CDI stands for Customer Data Integration. It is a comprehensive set of technology components, administrations, and business forms that make keeping up and make accessible a precise, convenient, coordinated, and a total perspective of a client across the line of business, channels, and colleagues. It consolidates and appropriately deals with the data about clients from all available business sources like contact details, finance-related information, and so forth. CDI is also a customer data constrained sort of Master Data Management sharing a common logical methodology, goals, and objectives.


A CDI (often alluded to as Data Hub) can permit a business organization to radically change its business model from conventional, account-driven approach to another and progressively powerful and remunerating client enteric-model that can altogether improve client/customer experience, lessens client whittling down, reinforce the client relationship with the enterprise and even increases the customer’s share of the wallet.The CDI antecedents incorporate Customer Integration File (CIF), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) , Data Quality Technologies (DQT) and so on.


  • Precision: The accurate and complete information permits the enterprise to all the more likely influence different strategically pitch and up sell openings opportunities .
  • Scalability and Accessibility: Ensure that the contribution bolsters verification purposes of the transaction and batch processing capabilities.
  • Real-time access:Consolidate data and real-time data access increases production, and lowers costs.
  • Security:Provide access to the approved client only.
  • Heterogeneity:Accommodates heterogeneous client reference information over a scope of frameworks.
  • Agility and Cost reduction :CDI tools work productively ensuring the transfer of data to the opportune spot at the right time and by reducing data and framework redundancies, CDI makes data processing and application frameworks progressively productive, while serving to fundamentally decrease costs.


  • High dependability and versatility
  • Expands the business power.
  • Fortify the customer and business connections.
  • Boosting profitability and opposition
  • Effective management of data
  • Accessibility of entire data at one place.
  • Improves dynamic limit


  • Overseeing of the enormous amount of information is very tedious and exorbitant for small business.
  • Vulnerability of cyber attacks increases as the whole framework is integrated.
  • Off base information may prompt an inappropriate yield.
  • Lack of standard and disparate databases.
  • Doesn’t bolster robust BI framework.
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