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The <output> tag in HTML is used to represent the result of a calculation performed by the client-side script such as JavaScript. The <output> tag… Read More
The <i> tag in HTML is used to display the content in italic style. This tag is generally used to display the technical term, phrase,… Read More
The DOM anchors collection is used to return the collection of all <a> element in a HTML document. It only counts those <a> element that… Read More
In this article, we will know how to style the dropdown list using CSS & will understand its implementation through the examples. There are many… Read More
The Iframe is used to display a web page on the webpage. Remove border from iframe tag in the webpage could be done by using… Read More
The DOM activeElement property is used to return the currently active elements in the HTML document. This property is read-only. It gives the reference of… Read More
To hide the scrollbar use -webkit- because it is supported by major browsers (Google Chrome, Safari or newer versions of Opera). There are many other… Read More
The onselect event attribute works when some text has been selected in an element. It is the part of event attribute. It is supported by… Read More
The :empty selector is used to select that element which does not contain any children (including text node). Syntax: :empty { // CSS property }… Read More
The !important property in CSS is used to provide more weight (importance) than normal property. In CSS, the !important means that “this is important”, ignore… Read More
This onfocus attribute works when the element gets focused. This event attribute is mostly used with <input>, <select>, <a> elements. This event attribute is supported… Read More
The :valid selector is used to select the form elements with a given value that validates according to the elements. This selector only works for… Read More
The class name is used as a selector in HTML which helps to give some value to the element attributes. The document.getElementById() method is used… Read More
The :out-of-range selector is used to select the elements that are lying outside the given range. This selector only works for input element with max… Read More
This :invalid selector is used to select every form elements which does not validate according to the elements. This selector works only for some form… Read More

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