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The History forward() method in HTML is used to load the next URL in the history list. It has the same practical application as the… Read More
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The console.table() method in HTML is used for writing data in tabular form in the console view. The table data is sent as a parameter… Read More
The createTextNode() method is used to create a TextNode which contains element node and a text node. It is used to provide text to an… Read More
The console.time() method in HTML is used to starting a timer in the console view. The console.time() method can be used for calculating the time… Read More
The createComment() method is used to create a comment node with some specified text. This property is used to set a text value as a… Read More
The DOM title property is used to return the title of the HTML document and also used to sets the value of the title in… Read More
This console.trace() method is used to display the trace which represents how the code ended up at a certain point. Syntax:Attention reader! Don’t stop learning… Read More
The console.warn() method is used to write a warning message in the console. So open the console to display the output (warning message). Syntax:Attention reader!… Read More
Example: This example demonstrates the use of the DOM embeds collection to get the URL for the embedded flash file.Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now.… Read More
The head property in HTML is used to return the first occurrence of the head if multiple heads in the document. It returns the reference… Read More
Example: In this example, we simply display the GeeksforGeeks URL using DOM URL Property.Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important… Read More
The method in HTML is used for writing a message in the console. It indicates an important message about any element or object. The… Read More

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