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Question 11. If 28C2r : 24C2r-4=225:11, find r. Solution: (28!/(28-2r)!2r!)/(24!/(24-2r+4)!(2r-4)!)=225/11 28x27x26x25/2r(2r-1)(2r-2)(2r-3)=225/11 28x27x26x25x11=225x(2r)(2r-1)(2r-2)(2r-3) 28x3x26x11=2r(2r-1)(2r-2)(2r-3) 14x2x3x13x2x11=2r(2r-1)(2r-2)(2r-3) 14x13x12x11=2r(2r-1)(2r-2)(2r-3) 2r=14 r=7 Question 12. If nC4,nC5 and nC6 are in… Read More
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