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Prerequisites: Seaborn Seaborn is a Python library that is based on matplotlib and is used for data visualization. It provides a medium to present data… Read More
Prerequisites: Seaborn A colorbar is a rectangular color scale that is used to interpret the data of a heatmap. By default, it is of the… Read More
Python boolean type is one of the built-in data types provided by Python, which represents one of the two values i.e. True or False. Generally,… Read More
Python Imaging Library (expansion of PIL) is the de facto image processing package for the Python language. It incorporates lightweight image processing tools that aid… Read More
Given a float number, the task is to write a Python program to convert float to exponential. Examples: Input: 19.0 Output: 1.900000e+01 Input: 200.2 Output:… Read More
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