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Power sharing is a practice of the distribution of power among the organs of the government such as the legislature, executive, and judiciary. It helps… Read More
According to the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial court in India and the ultimate court of appeal. It is… Read More
Anything from a booth at a local fair to a show you watch on TV can be called media. It specifies all means of communication.… Read More
The public authority of India is a majority rule type of government. It is the biggest majority rule government in the entire world. The Republic… Read More
The victims of the Bhopal gas disaster did not receive justice yet. The accident was caused by the factory’s management’s reckless neglect of safety protocols.… Read More
To know the foundational challenge of democracy we should first understand what exactly democracy is. The term  Democracy originated from the Greek word demos, meaning… Read More
Generalizations are qualities forced upon gatherings as a result of their race, identity, and sexual direction. These qualities will generally be distortions of the gatherings… Read More
The independence of the Judiciary holds a significant role in providing Justice. The thought of Justice, Liberty, and Equality has no meaning without the independence… Read More
The Governor of the state in question administers the oath to the judge of a high court. After the Supreme Court, the High Court is… Read More
According to Article 264 of the Indian Constitution, the division of power between the Union and the State Governments is achieved by a three-fold distribution… Read More
The term “democracy” comes from the Greek word demos, which means “common people” and Kratos, which means strength. Democracy is known as the “rule of… Read More
Water in Chennai isn’t accessible and reasonable by all. Municipal supply addresses just about a portion of the issues of individuals of the city, on… Read More
Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are picked by the overall population. They by then become people from the legitimate get-together and moreover structure the… Read More
To protect itself against any form of exploitation, the government makes laws to control unfair practices. In this article, the execution of laws and the… Read More
Marginalization implies when someone in particular or a group of individuals are caused to feel insignificant, by people with great influence. Marginalized people are compelled… Read More

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