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The Constitution of India recognizes that all Indians are equal before the law and states that no person shall be discriminated against because of his… Read More
“Law should be equal for everyone”, taking this thought into consideration, the constituent assembly created the kind of judiciary system, that can avail justice for… Read More
The public authority in a majority rules system needs to work for the government assistance of individuals. The main part of government assistance is the… Read More
A shirt for sale in the market has a long trip from the cotton manufacturer to the consumer in the supermarket. This voyage involves a… Read More
A system of rules which a country or community recognizes as regulating the conduct of its members and which it can enforce by imposing sanctions.… Read More
Democratic rights are part of the rights enjoyed by citizens under a democratic framework. These rights prohibit the elected government from engaging in excessive behavior… Read More
The term “role” describes a set of expected actions and obligations a person has for his or her position in life and relationships with others.… Read More
The prime minister, as the body’s head, supervises the members of the particular government’s council of ministers. The president appoints these ministers, who carry out… Read More
Power sharing is a conflict resolution practice in which multiple groups share political, military, or economic power with each other according to agreed rules. It… Read More
The administrations presented by private hospitals and private schools are very expensive which poor people and, surprisingly, many working-class individuals can’t manage. The framework and… Read More
The main purpose of elections is to enable the people to choose their preferred policies and representatives for the future government during the election campaign… Read More
In numerous vote-based nations all over the planet, the issue of equity keeps on being the main point of contention around which networks battle. For… Read More
A market is a place where sellers and buyers can meet to facilitate the exchange or transaction of services and goods. The market can be physical, like a… Read More
In April 2006, Nepal encountered an exceptional famous development. The plan of the development was to reestablish a vote-based system. Individuals battled to recover famous… Read More
lnterest group, also known as a special interest, advocacy group, or pressure group, is an association of individuals or organizations, usually organized formally, on the… Read More

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