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Riemann sums allow us to calculate the area under the curve for any arbitrary function. These formulations help us define the definite integral. The basic… Read More
Definite integrals are an important part of calculus. They are used to calculate the areas, volumes, etc of arbitrary shapes for which formulas are not… Read More
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Differentiation of a function is breaking up the function into a smaller and much simpler version of itself. Derivative of any function is differentiating it… Read More
In mathematics, inverse trigonometric functions are also known as arcus functions or anti-trigonometric functions. The inverse trigonometric functions are the inverse functions of basic trigonometric… Read More
Derivative of a function f(x), is the rate at which the value of the function changes when the input is changed. In this context, x… Read More
A function can be seen as a mathematical formula or a machine that throws output when an input is given. The output is usually some… Read More
Often while searching for someplace, people ask for directions. The usual answer is to go in a particular and for some distance. So, it can… Read More
Derivatives are the way to measure the rate of change, given a function f(x), the derivatives for that function calculate the rate of change of… Read More
MS-Word is a word processing application used for editing and creating documents or files. There are many features and tools provided in it, and it… Read More
Whenever an experiment is performed whose outcomes cannot be predicted with certainty, it is called a random experiment. For example, while tossing a coin no… Read More
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