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Statutory corporations are autonomous corporate bodies established by a special act of Parliament or a state legislature, with predefined functions, duties, powers, and immunity as… Read More
A group of individuals entering into a formal relationship, having a common goal and willing to invest their capital, time, name, and idea altogether to… Read More
Accounting is the process of measuring and recording all the financial transactions that happened in a financial year. It includes summarizing, analyzing and recording the… Read More
A supermarket is a large-scale retail establishment that specializes in necessities and convenience items. They have large warehouses and sell both food and non-food items.… Read More
The word “cooperative” means to work together and cooperate with each other, similarly, in a cooperative society, a group of people forms a voluntary association… Read More
Financial Institutions refer to a business establishment that serves as a link between the savers and investors and helps them to channelize the funds into… Read More
Theory Base of Accounting consists of accounting concepts, principles, rules, guidelines, and standards that help an individual in understanding the basics of accounting. These principles… Read More
From an individual’s point of view, an organization exists to earn profit. However, if we see it socially, an organization exists to supply goods and… Read More
An organization engaged in some commercial activity or business with the motive of earning profit is known as a business enterprise. If an individual or… Read More
Simple Arithmetic Mean gives equal importance to all the variables in a series. However, in some situations, a greater emphasis is given to one item… Read More
Lease financing is a popular medium and long-term financing option in which the owner of an asset grant another person the right to use the… Read More
In economics, demand is the quantity of a good or service that a consumer is willing and able to purchase at different price levels available… Read More
One cannot put a numerical value on the level of satisfaction gained from the consumption of goods. However, they can tell their preference between two… Read More
Meaning of questionnaire: A questionnaire is a research instrument used by any researcher as a tool to collect data or gather information from any source… Read More
What is Data Organization? The data collected by an investigator is in raw form and cannot offer any meaningful conclusion; hence, it needs to be… Read More

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