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Nitrogen is very essential to life. Daniel Rutherford discovered nitrogen in the year 1772. It belongs to group 15 of the periodic table. Nitrogen is… Read More
Periodic Acid consists of elements Hydrogen, Iodine, and Oxygen. Hydrogen is the lightest, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and flammable gas. Its atomic number is 1 and… Read More
Molar volume is defined as the volume of one mole of an element or compound at standard temperature and pressure. In other words, it is… Read More
Zinc is a chemical element with the symbol Zn. Its atomic number is 30, and its electron configuration is [Ar]3d10 4s2. It is mostly used… Read More
Probably most of us are familiar with vinegar. Vinegar is widely used in most of our homes. However, there are other characteristics of vinegar that… Read More
Sodium, along with lithium and potassium, is an alkali metal. Its main claim to fame is that it is one of the two ingredients in… Read More
It is an alkaline earth metal that has a symbol of Sr and atomic number 38. It is a soft silver-white metallic and highly chemically… Read More
Titration is the gradual addition of a known concentration solution (called a titrant) to a known volume of an unknown concentration solution until the reaction… Read More
Nickel is a transition metal with the atomic number 28 that is found in the fourth period/row of the periodic table. It is a necessary… Read More
Potassium Thiocyanate consists of the elements Potassium, Sulfur, Carbon, and Nitrogen. Potassium is soft silvery-white metal present in group-1 of the periodic table. Its atomic… Read More
The percent by volume formula gives the volume of solute present in a given volume of solution. It is used to express the concentration of… Read More
Sodium is a highly reactive metal with the symbol Na. Its name comes from Latin, natrium. Sodium is a very soft silvery-white metal appearance with… Read More
In physical chemistry, one of the important terms used is the normality formula. The normality formula is used to measure the concentration of a solution… Read More
Molarity is used to measure the concentration of a solution. It is used to calculate the volume of solvent or the amount of solute. Molarity… Read More
Potassium has the symbol K. Its atomic number is 19. It’s electron configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1. Belonging to the fourth period,… Read More

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