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Consider the statements below : "There is a country that borders both India and Nepal." Which of the following represents the above sentence correctly ?… Read More
Consider the following Grammar G : S ➝ A | B A➝ a | c B➝ b | c Where {S, A, B} is the… Read More
Which of the following problem is decidable for recursive language (L) ? (A) Is L = ф ? (B) Is w∈L, where w is a… Read More
Consider the language L given by L = { 2nk | k > 0 , and n is non − negative integer number } The… Read More
In Linux operating system environment ________ command is used to print a file. (A) print (B) lpr (C) ptr (D) pr Answer: (B) Explanation: Quiz… Read More
In mathematical logic, which of the following are statements ? (i) There will be snow in January (ii) What is the time now ? (iii)… Read More
Consider the following x86 – assembly language instructions : MOV AL, 153 NEG AL The contents of the destination register AL (in 8-bit binary notation),… Read More
What does the following java function perform ? (Assume int occupies four bytes of storage) Public static int f(int a) { //Pre-conditions : a>0 and… Read More
​Suppose that everyone in a group of N people wants to communicate secretly with (N-1) other people using symmetric key cryptographic system. The communication between… Read More
The second smallest of n elements can be found with _______ comparisons in worst case. (A) n + ceil(lg n) -2 (B) n-1 (C) lg… Read More
The clustering index is defined on the fields which are of type (A) key and ordering (B) key and non-ordering (C) non-key and ordering (D)… Read More
An agent can improve its performance by (A) Learning (B) Responding (C) Observing (D) Perceiving Answer: (A) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment below if… Read More
Match List1 with List 2 and choose the correct answer from the code given below : Where V and E are the number of vertices… Read More
Let r= a(a + b)*, s=aa*b and t=a*b be three regular expressions. Consider the following : (i). L(s) ⊆ L(r) and L(s) ⊆ L(t) (ii).… Read More
The host is connected to a department network which is a part of a university network. The university network, in turn, is part of the… Read More

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