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In what ratio must rice of one kind worth Rs. 50/kg be mixed with another kind of rice of worth Rs. 55/kg such that by… Read More
In what ratio should a kind of sugar at 8.70 Rs/kg be mixed with another kind of sugar at 9.70 Rs/kg so that the mixture… Read More
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8 liters of wine is replaced by water from a pot full of wine and repeated this two more times. The ratio of the wine… Read More
Two solutions S1 and S2 contain whisky and soda in the ratio 2 : 5 and 6 : 7 respectively. In what ratio these solutions… Read More
There are two drums of vanaspati gee. One of them contains 25% of oil (and rest 75% gee) and the another contains 50% oil (and… Read More
A sikanji vendor has two drums of sikanji. The first contains 75% of sikanji. The second contains 50% sikanji. How much sikanji should he mix… Read More
A drum contains forty liters of whisky. Four liters of whisky is taken out and replaced by soda. This process is carried out twice further.… Read More
Ram and Shyam’s ages are in the ratio between 4:3. After 6 Years age of Ram will be 26 years. What is present age of… Read More
The ages of A and B differ by 16 years. 6 years ago, the elder one was 3 times as old as the younger one.… Read More
The Sum of ages of Seeta and Geeta is 12 years less than the sum of ages of Geeta and Ina. By how many years… Read More
Ram age was half of Shaym’s age, 10 years ago. If the ratio of their present ages is 3:5, what is the sum of their… Read More
The sum of the ages of a mother and daughter is 45 years. 5 years ago, the product of their ages was 30 times the… Read More