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Category Archives: Python Programs

Given a boolean 2D matrix, find the number of islands. A group of connected 1s forms an island. For example, the below matrix contains 5… Read More
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Given a linked list, rearrange it such that the converted list should be of the form a < b > c < d > e… Read More
Given a Linked List. The Linked List is in alternating ascending and descending orders. Sort the list efficiently.  Example:  Input List: 10 -> 40 ->… Read More
Depth First Traversal (or Search) for a graph is similar to Depth First Traversal of a tree. The only catch here is, unlike trees, graphs… Read More
Given a linked list, write a function to reverse every alternate k nodes (where k is an input to the function) in an efficient way.… Read More
Given a Romal numeral, the task is to find its corresponding decimal value. Example :  Input: IX Output: 9 IX is a Roman symbol which… Read More
Given a positive integer n which represents the dimensions of a 4n x 4n matrix with values from 1 to n filled from left to… Read More
An array contains both positive and negative numbers in random order. Rearrange the array elements so that positive and negative numbers are placed alternatively. Number… Read More

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