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Category Archives: Puzzles

Problem Statement: Given two candles. Each of them burns for one hour. They burn unevenly in different parts though. In addition, let’s have a box… Read More
Problem Statement: A very hungry worm reaches a tree and eats the leaves in the following sequence: DAY 1: The worm eats 1 leaf DAY… Read More
Problem Statement: There are two candles of equal lengths but of different thicknesses. The thicker candle lasts for 6 hours while the thinner one lasts… Read More
Problem Statement: At a restaurant, pizzas can be ordered in boxes of 6, 9, and 20. What is the highest number of Pizzas that cannot… Read More
Problem Statement: Consider a village with demons and a sleeping man(who never wakes up). Note that a demon can eat the sleeping man, but after… Read More
Problem Statement: Consider a circle with 2014 light bulbs and only 2 of them are on and the rest are off. Anyone can choose any… Read More
Problem Statement :There are two poles of equal height – 15 meters. One cable with a length of 16 meters is hanging between those two… Read More
Given a special Jigsaw puzzle consisting of N rows and M columns all identical pieces. Every piece has three tabs and one blank. The task… Read More
A man fell in a 50m deep well. He climbs 4 meters up and slips 3 meters down in one day. How many days would… Read More
Given four sticks of length ‘a’ and four more sticks of length ‘b’. The length of ‘b’ is exactly half of the length of ‘a’.… Read More
Joe is a person who can’t keep his secrets. He is that much careless that all his relatives and friends know his Debit Card PIN.… Read More
Puzzle:On a new year day, two old friends (A and B) meet at a party. As they met after a long time person B wanted… Read More
Given three equal circles that are placed inside an equilateral triangle such that every circle is tangential to the sides of the equilateral triangle and… Read More
Puzzle: Your friend thinks of an N bit string that will refer to it as a code. The task is to guess the code by… Read More
Suppose you have a regular hexagon made up of matchsticks with three diagonals in it. The task is to convert the given hexagon into three… Read More

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