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We have two water jugs, one measures 4 Gallons (4G) while the other measure 9 Gallons (9G). But there is no measuring label mentioned on… Read More
Rachel and Ross are about to eat pizzas. Apparently, both of them are hungry and have a huge appetite. So Ross brings 5 pizzas while… Read More
Puzzle 1: Rahul’s code did not pass all the test cases. As a result he’s been sentenced to Geeksville prison. The Geeks community is considerate… Read More
THE SIX MATCHES : Shown in the sketch are six matchsticks: Can you rearrange them to make nothing? Solution: The puzzle is to make something… Read More
Question 1: Balance the equation 101 – 102 = 1 by putting some operators in it. Solution : 101 – 10 ^ 2 = 101… Read More
Rasool, the man who delivers eggs to my home everyday, did not turn up one day. So when he came the next morning I demanded… Read More
Puzzle | Something for the Marmalade : A little girl I know sells oranges from door to door. One day while on her rounds she… Read More
You are standing in one of the biggest palaces in the world “Hofburg Palace, Vienna”. In palace, five commando are staying. Each commando has been… Read More
You have given 9 dots in the form of 2d matrix 3 * 3. Your task is to draw four straight lines without lifting the… Read More
Aside from the river, there is 1 policeman, 1 robber, 1 blond haired woman, and her 2 children and 1 red-haired woman and her 2… Read More
( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) = 30 This is what you have for equation and following… Read More
We know that 0°C is the same as 32°F. It is also a known fact that 100°C equals 212°F. But there is a temperature that… Read More
There is a farmer who wishes to cross a river but he is not alone. He also has a goat, a wolf, and a cabbage… Read More
Three identical boxes are kept in front of you but only one of them has a GIFT inside. Each Box is labeled with a statement… Read More
Three Thief need to cross a river. Each thief has certain amount of stolen gold coins kept in his bag. Thief A has 1000 gold… Read More