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Q. Find out the number of points on the globe (Earth) where if we move one mile south, then one mile east and finally one… Read More
There is a school on the foothills of Himalayas. This Gurukul admits only 100 students every year and these are entitled to be the best… Read More
There are n students in a class, each in possession of a different personality attribute. As they are new in the school, so they want… Read More
Given n number of spots, and two players. Players need to connect any two spots without intersecting any of the drawn line, the player who… Read More
Given a standard football, regular hexagons and pentagons are drawn on it as shown in the picture. Find out the number of hexagons and pentagons.… Read More
You are a poor person in an island. There is only one shop in this island, this shop is open on all days of the… Read More
Puzzle: Four glasses are placed on the corners of a square plate which can rotate about its center. Glasses are either upright (up) or upside-down… Read More
There are n glasses on the table, all standing upside down. In one move, you are allowed to turn over exactly n – 1 of… Read More
There are two gates. One goes to hell and the other goes to heaven. The gatekeeper asks a puzzle to Sahil in order to decide… Read More
Sahil has got a challenge problem from his friend Akhil. Sahil has to find all values of n for which one can fill an n… Read More
There are n students in a class, each in possession of a different funny story. As the students were getting bored in the class, they… Read More
Sahil and Ritik are brothers. One day they were discussing who is smarter. But gradually the discussion turned into an argument. Mother came and tried… Read More
Given 2n counters where n > 1. You have to place these 2n counters on an n × n board so that no more than… Read More
Sahil and Amrit are friends. One day Amrit comes to Sahil’s home to take him outside so that they can play together. But Sahil denies… Read More
A couple invites n – 1 other couples to dinner. Once everyone arrives, each person shakes hands with everyone he doesn’t know. Then, the host… Read More

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