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Online shopping is all about calculating the total amount for the items selected by the customer. In this article, we will discuss a menu-driven C++… Read More
Introduction: Water is one of the most important basic needs for living beings. But with the modernization and development of human lifestyles, consumption of water… Read More
This article explains a program in python 2.7 to solve a Sudoku 9×9 of the Android application “Sudoku” of To solve a sudoku of… Read More
Telegram bot can be used to know the complete weather details of any city, state, a country without going using another application. Telegram provides a… Read More
A voice dependent email system is an android solution which allows the user to send and receive emails without using any visual features, which means… Read More
What is Bug tracking system? A bug tracking system is software that keeps track of bugs that the user encountered in any software development or… Read More
In this article, we will see how to send a single message to any number of people. We just have to provide a list of… Read More
Every new Django project should use a custom user model. The official Django documentation says it is “highly recommended” but I’ll go a step further and say… Read More
Prerequisite: Modular Approach in Programming Problem Statement: Write C program to implement Food ordering with the following functionalities: Login & Signup Search by Food Search… Read More
Web scraping is extensively being used in many industrial applications today. Be it in the field of natural language understanding or data analytics, scraping data… Read More
Flutter API is an open-source software development kit for building beautiful UI which is natively compiled. Currently, it is available is a stable version for… Read More
Problem Statement: Write C program to build a Software for Examination Management System that can perform the following operations: Add/Delete the Details of the Students… Read More
The world works in text. From advertisements to conversations, text is everywhere. The most popular modes of official textual communication are Mails followed by SMS.… Read More
Recommending movies to users can be done in multiple ways using content-based filtering and collaborative filtering approaches. Content-based filtering approach primarily focuses on the item… Read More
Commenting on a post is the most common feature a post have and implementing in Django is way more easy than in other frameworks. To… Read More

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