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Project Title: Know More Introduction: A famous personality tweets something, so it must be unbiased. Right? Wrong. Don’t just believe anything you see. We’ve all… Read More
Project Title: Study Buddy – Personalized Learning Objective: The objective of this project is to provide a personalized learning environment with learning paths and a… Read More
Project Title: Third Eye – Aid For Blind. Introduction: This project aims to develop a complete portable aid(Raspberry Pi) for blind pedestrians and deal with… Read More
Project Title: SchoolPool Introduction: Still going school to school to search best for your kid? Well, School pool is a solution where you can find… Read More
Project Title: We Connect (Write your way.) Introduction: It is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, people, write their experiences, and provide a… Read More
Prerequisites : Introduction to Tkinter | Using google distance matrix API Python offers multiple options for developing GUI (Graphical User Interface). Out of all the… Read More
Project Title: SyncSpy Problems We Are Dealing With: Crimes are one of the major problems almost every city is dealing with but what exacerbates this… Read More
Project Title:- Hand-web Browser – Controlling Web Browser via different hand gestures Introduction:- Web Browsers is a very common software application which we use every… Read More
Project Title: myVision Objective: The idea behind this project is to create an application that would assist people with visual impairment in analyzing their surroundings.… Read More
Project Title: DCube Introduction:Car accident is the major cause of death in which around 1.3 million people die every year. Majority of these accidents are… Read More
Project Title: Introduction: Nowadays web advertisement is growing very fast. Many Advertisers prefer to put their ads on Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Youtube channels… Read More
Project Title: Go Solar Green Introduction: Go solar green is an application made for solar panel users. It helps them to identify the correct angle… Read More
Project Title: Baby Monitoring Smart Cradle  Introduction: As we are very well familiar with the hurdles faced by Parents to nurture their infant and especially in… Read More
Project Title: AR Search Introduction and Conceptual framework: AR Search is an Android app based on the latest technologies. The technologies we used in the… Read More
Project Title: Get Resources Introduction: As a beginner when I started to learn code I had to face various difficulties, for example, Which programming language… Read More

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