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Category Archives: SQL

LTRIM() : This function in MySQL is used to remove leading spaces from a string. Syntax : LTRIM(str) Parameter : It accepts one parameter as… Read More
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HEX() : This function in MySQL is used to return an equivalent hexadecimal string value of a string or numeric Input. If the input is… Read More
POSITION() :  This function in MySQL is used for finding the location of a substring in a string. It will return the location of the… Read More
DATALENGTH() : This function returns the length of an expression and expression length will be in bytes. Syntax : DATALENGTH( expression ) Parameter – This… Read More
DAY() function : This function in MySQL is used to return the day of the month for a specified date (a number from 1 to… Read More
MONTHNAME() function in MySQL is used to find month name from the given date. It Returns 0 when MONTH part for the date is 0… Read More
TO_DAYS Function : In MariaDB, TO_DAYS Function converts a date into numeric days. In this function, the first parameter will be the Date. This function… Read More
CONCAT_WS() : This function concatenates two or more strings together with a separator. Syntax : CONCAT_WS(separator, input_string1, input_string2, [...input_stringN]); Parameter : This method accepts two-parameters… Read More
Let us suppose we need to update or replace any string value in any table, we could use the below methods – Replace String in… Read More
MAKETIME() function : This function in MySQL is used to create and return a time value based on specified hour, minute, and second value. In… Read More
LEN() function calculates the number of characters of an input string, excluding the trailing spaces. Syntax : LEN(input_string) Parameter – This method accepts a single-parameter… Read More
CURTIME() function in MySQL is used to check the current time. It returns the current time as a value in ‘hh:mm:ss’ or ‘hhmmss’ format, depending… Read More
HOUR() function : This function in MySQL is used to return the hour part for a specified date. The range of hours value is from… Read More
The FORMAT() function is one of the String Function, which is used to format the specified value in the given format. Syntax : FORMAT(value, format,… Read More