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MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory. It is a high-performance language that is used for technical computing. It allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions, implementation of… Read More
Upsampling can be defined as a process that comprises adding zero-valued samples in between existing original samples in order to increase the sampling rate. Upsampling… Read More
Upsampling with filtering gives the interpolated signal. The Upsampling process just adds zero-valued samples to the given input signal. There is no practical significance of… Read More
MATLAB app builder allows you to create GUI apps without having proper software development knowledge. Matlab helps you create professional apps by just drag and… Read More
Writing data to a text file means creating a file with data that will be saved on a computer’s secondary memory such as a hard… Read More
MATLAB provides a feature to store a sequence of statements in a file and execute these statements at the MATLAB prompt exactly as if have… Read More
Data Types in MATLAB is the upheld information organizes that are utilized for calculation. MATLAB is a well-known numerical and factual information investigation instrument that… Read More
MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models. For Image… Read More
In Mathematical Calculus, the expanded form of a periodic function “f(x)” in terms of an infinite sum of cosines & sines is called as Fourier… Read More
MATLAB can be used to solve numerically second and higher-order ordinary differential equations. In this article, we will see the method of variation of parameters… Read More
The quadratic form is a Homogeneous polynomial of second degree in any number of variables. In this article we will see, Conversion of the Quadratic… Read More
Matrix is the set of numbers arranged in rows & columns in order to form a Rectangular array. Here, those numbers are called the entries… Read More
According to Linear Algebra, every square matrix satisfies its own characteristic equation. Consider a Square Matrix ‘A’ with order ‘n’, then its Characteristic equation is… Read More
Difference Equations are Mathematical Equations involving the differences between usually successive values of a function (‘y’) of a discrete variable. Here, a discrete variable means… Read More
Private functions are useful when you want to limit the scope of a function. Here we will learn how to create private functions and also… Read More

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