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Category Archives: Kotlin

Session Management is one of the most important features that are to be used in the Android App when you are integrating the login feature… Read More
Motion Layout is a special version of Constraint layout. With the help of motion layout, we can add animations to the widgets within the layout… Read More
Progress bar in android is used to display the progress of a specific task. There are different types of progress bars that are used within… Read More
Pie Chart is seen used in many android applications for displaying a huge quantity of data in a simple and easy format. This is seen… Read More
Proximity Sensor is one of the sensors present in the mobile device which is used by everyone using smartphone. This sensor is present in mobile… Read More
Staggered Grid View has been seen in most applications such as Pinterest in which each item of grid view takes its own height and aligns… Read More
Listview is used to display data in a vertically scrollable manner. We have seen How to create a simple ListView in Android Jetpack Compose. In… Read More
Most of the applications in android use images for displaying some useful information within the applications. Images are considered as easy to convey information to… Read More
GridView is the grid form of view in which the items within the grid are arranged in the grid layout. The data within the grid… Read More
Audio Manager the name itself tells us that it is used to manage the audio controls of the android device. Audio Manager is a class… Read More
There are many features within android applications that require permissions to be granted by the user. For granting these permissions during runtime, runtime permissions are… Read More
Torch Application is a very basic application that every beginner level android developer should definitely try to build while learning Android. In this article, we… Read More
Speech to Text is seen in many applications such as Google search. With the help of this feature, the user can simply speak the query… Read More
Swipe to Refresh Layout is used in most social media applications such as Facebook or Instagram. In these applications, users can simply swipe down to… Read More
SMS Manager is a class in Android which is used to send the SMS to a specific contact from the android application. We can send… Read More

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