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The first practical electric cars were produced in the 1880s. In 1884, over 20 years before the Ford Model T, Thomas Parker built a practical… Read More
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This project deals with developing a Virtual website ‘E-commerce Website’. It provides the user with a list of the various products available for purchase in… Read More
Project Title:  Algorithmic Trading Bot Introduction :  Algorithmic trading uses algorithms that follow a trend and define a set of instructions to perform a trade.… Read More
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The program aims at controlling the pollution in a given area by suggesting the number of trees and the areas where they should be planted.… Read More
 Project Title: Human Scream Detection and Analysis for Controlling Crime Rate using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Crime is the biggest social problem of our… Read More
Problem Statement We all know that nowadays how pesticides and other artificial things are being used in food farming for more yield in a very… Read More