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Category Archives: MongoDB

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MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database. It is a document-oriented database, uses a JSON-like structure called BSON to store documents(i.e. key-value pairs). MongoDB provides the… Read More
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MongoDB provides indexing for efficient execution of queries without indexes MongoDB has to search every document to match the query which is highly inefficient. Indexes… Read More
MongoDB provides a special tool that is used to import data in the MongoDB and the tool is known as mongoimport. Using this tool you… Read More
In MongoDB, upsert is an option that is used for update operation e.g. update(), findAndModify(), etc. Or in other words, upsert is a combination of… Read More
In MongoDB, copyTo() method is used to copies all the documents from one collection(Source collection) to another collection(Target collection) using server-side JavaScript and if that… Read More
Timestamp: With the help of timestamp document in the collection of the MongoDB can be differentiated on the basis of time. We can add Timestamp… Read More
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