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There are two towers, one on each side of the road just opposite to each other. One tower is 54m high. From the top of… Read More »

| | Question 46

is equal to (A) 2 secθ (B) 2 cosθ (C) 2 sinθ (D) 2 tanθ Answer: (A) Explanation: It can be solved by rationalization Use… Read More »

| | Question 45

Water is flowing at the rate of 10km/h through a pipe of diameter 28 cm into a rectangular tank which is 100m long 44m wide.… Read More »

| | Question 44

The height of a conical tank is 12cm and the diameter of its base is 32cm. The cost of painting if from outside at the… Read More »

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From a point in the interior of an equilateral triangle, the perpendicular distance of the sides are 2√3, 3√3 and 4√3. Find the perimeter of… Read More »

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Three circles of radius 7cm each are placed in such a way that each touches the other two.The area of portion enclosed by the circles… Read More »

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200 students appeared for GATE and CAT examinations. 60% passed in GATE, 40% passed the CAT and 25% passed both. Find the probability that a… Read More »

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There are 5 women and 3 men applicants for a job.Only two out of eight are selected for a job.The probability that at least one… Read More »

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How many motor vehicle registration numbers plates can be formed for the state Haryana having code like (HR 12Q 8702) with the digits 0, 1,… Read More »

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Five chocolates of different flavours are to be distributed in three different children such that any child get at least 1 chocolate. What is the… Read More »