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Given two integers N and M denoting a matrix of size N*M, the task is to form a matric following the below criteria and make… Read More
Given an N*M matrix Mat[][] containing all distinct integers, the task is to find the minimum area of the matrix (r*c, where 1 ≤ r… Read More
Given a 2D matrix of size N x M and Q queries where each query represents a coordinate (x, y) of the matrix, the task… Read More
A Two Dimensional array of pointers is an array that has variables of pointer type. This means that the variables stored in the 2D array… Read More
Given a two-dimensional integer array arr[ ][ ], return all the adjacent elements of a particular integer whose position is given as (x, y). Adjacent… Read More
Hadamard matrix is a square matrix with the unique property that any two of its rows are orthogonal. In geometric terms that means that the… Read More
Given an array A[], the task is to find the circulant matrix made by this array.  A circulant matrix is a square matrix of order… Read More
Given two integers N and M, the task is to generate any N * M sized maze containing only 0 (representing a wall) and 1… Read More
For a given matrix before[][], the corresponding cell (x, y) of the after[][] matrix is calculated as follows:  res = 0;for(i = 0; i <=… Read More
Given a grid on the XY plane with dimensions r x c (where r denotes maximum cells along the X axis and c denotes maximum… Read More
Given a binary matrix arr[][] of N rows and M columns. The task is to find the number of cells in the matrix, where Bitwise… Read More
Given a 3D array of size N*M*P consisting only of English alphabet characters, the task is to print the frequency of all the elements in… Read More
Geek is in a maze of size N * M. Each cell in the maze is made of either ‘.’ or ‘#’. An empty cell… Read More
Given a matrix arr[] of size N*N containing English alphabets characters, the task is to find the frequency of all the matrix elements. Note: Print… Read More
Given a 2D array arr[] having N rows of variable size, the task is to sort the array in lexicographical order i.e., sort each row… Read More

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